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About E&A

Choosing a computer training provider for your organization is not an easy decision. To remain productive and competitive, today's workers need to embrace a wide range of skills and tools. Helping workers to maximize these tools requires a program of flexible and effective training options.

Elert & Associates Technology Training provides a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of every learner and organization. Look to Elert & Associates for...

  • Instructor-led software training in a virtual classroom on the Internet or on site at your location

  • Efficient, topic-specific 90 Minute Workouts® on Microsoft Office products

  • Customized courses to meet the distinct needs of your organization and learners

  • Quality courseware that is effective both as an in-class reference and a follow-up tool

  • Custom-built training programs, user manuals, and other materials

Over the past twenty-plus years, we've helped hundreds of organizations with their technology training needs. Our goal is not just to teach learners how to use a piece of software, but to help them apply new software skills to their own day-to-day tasks. Using a software application shouldn't be a task in and of itself. With the proper foundation of skills, software should simply be the tool you use to complete your tasks more efficiently and confidently.

To hear what E&A's clients have to say about our training services, visit our Testimonials page. To discuss how we can work with you to meet your training objectives, contact us!

In addition to training, Elert & Associates also provides technology consulting services for businesses, educational institutions, health care organizations, and government entities. Visit www.tncg.com for more details.


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