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Our Courseware

How often have you understood a concept in the classroom, as the instructor led you through an exercise using a specific practice file, but found yourself unable to repeat the same process on your own after class?

This happens because the instructions in many training manuals are too restrictive to be useful for follow-up reference. In class, "Click here, then here, then here" may be all the detail needed to make the file on your screen look like the one the instructor is using. But your work doesn't always map to a practice file. Your series of clicks isn't always the same.

Elert & Associates' courseware is different. Our procedures are detailed and open-ended. We don't just tell you what steps to complete; we help you understand why you're completing each step and what other choices are available as well. The true test of any course materials is not whether they help you follow along during class, but whether you can successfully use them as a reference to complete your own tasks later. Elert & Associates' courseware meets that goal.

From Our Clients

Take a look at what some of our clients and past students have to say...

  • "Excellent materials. Extremely well organized. Easy to find information and follow what the instructor covered in class."
    - from a Microsoft Project student at a client site

  • "I have attended other courses that only told you what to click and didn't explain why or how to do something on your own. This was a great class."
    - from an Excel student in our virtual classroom

  • "I have used your 90 Minute Workouts for several of the classes I've taught, and found them to be the best-designed computer courseware I have worked with so far... I would love to have the whole collection just for myself."
    - from an independent trainer using E&A's courseware for her own classes

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See for Yourself

Our courseware sampler contains short excerpts from several of our Microsoft Office 90 Minute Workouts®.

(PDF format, Acrobat Reader required)


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