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Delivery Methods

The best format for software training depends on several factors. Students' different learning styles, training goals, and location are all important considerations. With that in mind, Elert & Associates offers two delivery methods. Many of our clients use both options, in an effort to present flexible alternatives to busy employees.

Virtual Classroom Training

Elert & Associates' virtual classroom makes it possible for students to attend a live, instructor-led class anywhere they have access to the Internet.

Students join the class through their Web browser, where they can see the instructor's screen as she or he demonstrates each new skill. To hear and interact with the instructor, students can either use a computer headset (or speakers and microphone) or dial into a teleconference (normal long distance charges apply). Throughout the class, students switch between the instructor's screen in their browser and their own copy of the application, where they can practice applying the new skills.

We offer two types of classes in our virtual classroom:

  • Public Classes - Many of the topics in our course catalog are offered regularly on our public schedule. See our Registration page for more details.

  • Private Classes - If you have a group of people interested in training on the same topic, we can schedule a private class for that group. Choose an existing course in our catalog, or let us work with you to create a custom class that meets your needs. Up to ten people can attend each private class.

Virtual classroom training is ideal for organizations with employees in multiple or remote locations, because it requires no added travel time or expense. Because our public classes are available to anyone, it also works well for smaller companies in which only a few people need training on a particular topic and for individuals seeking software training on their own, rather than through their employer.

To see a demo of how our virtual classroom works, click the link below.

View a virtual classroom demo

On-Site Training

Traditional on-site training remains a popular choice for many learners. This method works particularly well in organizations where the majority of employees work in the same general location. It is also effective when a large number of employees from a wide geographic area are coming to one location at the same time (e.g., for a sales meeting or conference).

On-site training takes place at your location, meaning your employees incur no lost time or expense due to travel. You can choose from any of the classes in our catalog, or work with us to customize a class or series of classes to meet your needs.

We provide on-site training to clients in Minneapolis-St. Paul (Minnesota) and in the Milwaukee and Madison (Wisconsin) areas. We also travel to other locations upon request, but must bill for our instructors' travel expenses.

For more information on these or other delivery options, contact us.







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