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Excel 2010 logoMicrosoft Excel

The following courses are all 90 Minute Workouts®. Click a title below to view a detailed course description.

Getting Started

Functions & Formulas

Formatting Spreadsheets

Working with Workbooks

Creating 2010 Charts*

Creating 2013/2016 Charts*

Lists & Tables

Tips & Shortcuts

More Functions & Formulas

Automating Tasks with Macros

Pivot Tables

Data Analysis Tools

Power Functions

Automating Tasks by Programming in VBA

*The charting tool is very different in Excel 2010 vs. Excel 2013 and 2016. Be sure that you are registering for the Creating Charts class for the version of Excel that you currently use.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Our 90 Minute Workouts® are designed to let you customize your own learning path, picking and choosing the topics you need most to do your job. This helps ensure that the time you devote to training is as relevant to your needs as possible.

Because several of our classes build on skills taught in other classes, however, it's important to note the prerequisite skills listed in each course description. In addition, you may find it helpful to review the suggested training path for the Excel curriculum.

Excel 2010 training path Getting Started Functions and Formulas Formatting Spreadsheets 1 Working with Workbooks Creating Charts Lists and Tables More Functions and Formulas Tips and Shortcuts Power Functions Automating Tasks with Macros Pivot Tables Data Analysis Tools



How Can You Attend?

The courses in this curriculum are available in the following formats:

Virtual classroom - Public
($70 per student per class; check the schedule and register here)

Virtual classroom - Private (Up to 10 people from the same organization; $480 per class)

(Contact us for details about scheduling classes at your location)

View a virtual classroom demo