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Excel Functions & Formulas


Learn the fundamentals of creating and working with formulas and functions. Start by building and copying simple formulas. Then learn to use functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, PMT, ROUND, TODAY, and NETWORKDAYS. Also understand the difference between relative and absolute cell references, create grand totals, and work with formulas that contain 3-D references.

Prerequisite Skills

Comfortable with basic Excel capabilities.

(Suggested course: Excel Getting Started)

Course Description

Do you want to perform calculations in your Excel spreadsheets? Do you want to use any of the 450+ built-in Excel functions? Do you want to learn how to efficiently create worksheets that update automatically?

Attend this course if you want to:

  • Understand the difference between functions and formulas.

  • Understand formula operators and order of operation.

  • Learn how to use cell references.

  • Create and edit formulas.

  • Use a built-in function.

  • Use AutoSum to automatically sum data.

  • Sum subtotals to create a grand total.

  • Access other functions from the Function dialog box or the Formulas tab.

  • Understand the difference between and implications of relative and absolute references.

  • Round values for calculations.

  • Use date and time functions.

  • Create formulas that span across multiple workbook pages.

Class Length

90 minutes

Delivery Options

  • Virtual classroom - public
    ($70 per student; check times and register here)

  • Virtual classroom - private (up to ten people from the same organization)
    ($480 per class; contact us for more details)

  • On-site instructor-led
    (Contact us for details)




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