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Excel More Functions & Formulas


Work with Excel's logical, text, lookup & reference, and conditional functions to process worksheet data more efficiently.

Prerequisite Skills

Comfortable with basic Excel capabilities.

(Suggested courses: Excel Getting Started and Excel Functions & Formulas)

Course Description

Do you need to do more advanced calculations? Do you want to learn to use more of the 450+ built-in Excel functions? This class covers four groups of common functions: logical functions, text functions, lookup and reference functions, and conditional functions.

Attend this course if you want to:

  • Identify portions of an IF function.

  • Create simple and nested IF functions.

  • Use the AND or OR functions within an IF function.

  • Understand text functions.

  • Eliminate extra spaces within your data.

  • Change text to proper case.

  • Combine cells.

  • Convert text to numbers or numbers to text.

  • Extract a portion of text from a field.

  • Convert numbers to dates.

  • Change a formula to a value.

  • Separate text into columns.

  • Look up and merge data using the VLOOKUP function.

  • Use the SUMIF, COUNTIF, and AVERAGEIF functions to calculate records based on certain conditions.

  • Enter formulas directly into cells.

Class Length

90 minutes

Delivery Options

  • Virtual classroom - public
    ($70 per student; check times and register here)

  • Virtual classroom - private (up to ten people from the same organization)
    ($480 per class; contact us for more details)

  • On-site instructor-led
    (Contact us for details)




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