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We're confident that our 90 Minute Workouts® are a great way to learn the skills you need to complete your work more efficiently and effectively. Don't just take our word for it, however. Here's a sampling of what some of our students had to say...

About the Virtual Classroom

  • You have a first class operation, and I won’t hesitate to recommend Elert & Associates to anyone thinking about training. You’ve converted me to the virtual classroom!

  • This was fantastic. I never even knew about on-line classes until I found you on the Internet. It's a great way to learn, especially since I don't have to leave my office and drive somewhere to do it.

  • This was the first time I took a Web-based course, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it was a VERY effective learning method for me. I plan to take other classes this way.

  • This is absolutely a wonderful opportunity. [Taking the class online] saves time, and I find it easier to focus.

  • I was skeptical about technical training via webinar; however, as the training manager for my company, I am going to strongly advocate the Elert & Associates course options for our field staff who cannot attend our on-site trainings.

  • I have recommended [E&A's Web-based] courses to many of my co-workers. The courses are easy to attend and the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable.

About 90 Minute Workouts®

  • I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a fabulous training that was today. It was easy to follow, followed a definite succinct order, it was complete, there were no distractions, and the trainer was the best I've ever had for ANYTHING. What a rewarding 1.5 hours of my time.

  • The material was just the right amount a person could absorb in 90 minutes... I have already recommended this course to others within my group.

  • I originally signed up for this session not expecting to gain much knowledge, because I already have a lot of experience using Excel. I was totally wrong. I learned several new shortcuts that will be very helpful in making me more productive and will allow me to utilize my time elsewhere.

  • This was the best software training I've ever had. The pace was perfect and the material was 100% applicable to my needs.

  • I have taken six of these classes and I can't stop talking about how helpful they were... I'm a fairly advanced user of all the Microsoft Office products, yet I learned at least one or two new things in each workshop that will help me in my everyday work. [90 minutes] is a good length of time, too. I get antsy in classes that are 1/2 or full day or more. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who is looking to advance their skills.

  • I had taught myself how to create macros, but knew there were ways to improve what I was doing. This class was exactly what I needed to use macros more effectively!

  • This was the most useful class I have taken, on any application, and I will use the skills learned directly in my work.

  • This class was superb. I particularly appreciated having time to practice new skills on a sample presentation. I highly recommended it to my entire department. Thank you!

About Our Instructors

  • I have been a software trainer since 1988... I am not easily impressed with software trainers, but I have taken a variety of sessions from your trainers, and they are simply outstanding! Besides being extremely knowledgeable, clear, and concise in their presentations, [your instructors] are very organized and personable. They give great examples which show their knowledge of the content... I have thoroughly enjoyed my training sessions and will continue to use your resources. Best wishes to you on a well-run company!

  • The instructor was very in tune to the different levels of the students in her class. She instructs so she reaches everyone. I like that very much.

  • Excellent instructor. Not only was she patient, but had a great sense of humor, which is a plus when learning over the Web. She also quickly responded to my email with an answer to a question about charts.

  • The instructor was great—articulate, knowledgeable, and patient. She provided examples in each new skill and she allowed time for practice. This allowed me to make mistakes and to discuss what happened so that I was able to see what I needed to do to correct the issue.

  • Very easy to understand and follow. She knows her stuff and it shows.

  • She was a delight to work with. She's very upbeat and positive and easily shares her insightful experience with the students. I was very impressed.

  • I saw [the instructor] smile even though we were on the phone!

  • [The instructor] did a great job presenting the material, and I look forward to attending additional classes with her!

About Our Course Materials

  • Excellent materials—easy to find information and follow what [the instructor] covered in class.

  • Excellent handbook; very detailed.

  • I have attended other courses that only told you what to click and didn't explain why or how to do something on your own. This was a great class.

  • Your class materials are direct, to the point, and easy to understand. The manual doesn't contain a lot of extra information or details that you would never use outside of training. It focuses on the practical use of the software in everyday life.





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